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Intelligent anti-piracy for independent music

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Why use us

Leak Delete brings together technology, human skill, and professional experience to create a new way for independent music to fight piracy.

We offer:

Our packages include

24/7 scanning of over 20,000 sites
Including torrents, lockers, stream rips, linking sites and search engine results
Expert manual investigation
Enabling intelligent, truly comprehensive removal of piracy
Proprietary scanning technology
Rapid location and mass takedown of infringing content
Unlimited takedowns for all campaigns
Offering peace of mind at unbeatable value
Instant takedown access for key pirate sites
Delete unauthorised files and pages straight away
Human verification of all links found
Ensuring accurate, spam-free takedown reports
Fast track Google search removals
Enhance visibility and positioning of legitimate search results
Intelligent client reporting
In-depth campaign analysis explaining takedowns actioned and piracy ecosystem
Bespoke campaigns
Deep research of your audience, genre and release cycle to maximise campaign effectiveness

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